Not your mother’s romance

Twisted Instincts

Jack of all trades, Jasmine Eckert, lives her life on her every whim. After years of working an unconventional range of jobs from construction to hair styling, she’s feeling the pressure to pick a direction, put down roots, and figure out what she wants out of life, once and for all. Before she can so much as give notice on her apartment, she overhears the Devlin Brothers talking about a missing child, labeled by the authorities as a serial runaway, and is overwhelmed by a bone-deep wave of kinship for a child she’s never met. Compelled to help, she sets out to prove her skills and life experience are just what the team needs to find their kid.

The last thing Luca Devlin needs is for Jasmine to swing her hips, flip her hair, and pepper him with barbs from her sassy mouth when every minute leads one step farther away from finding whoever is responsible for Tyler Mishler’s kidnapping. Not that Luca necessarily believes he’s been kidnapped, but Luca intends to humor his brothers’ suspicions, for now. Resentment consumes him at the thought of having their resources wasted on a runaway when real victims waited, precious clues ran cold, and children, just like his lost sister, suffered emotional, physical, and sexual torment while they prayed for someone, anyone, to save them. 

Despite every reason he should turn her away, Jasmine’s abilities could very well give him the edge he needs to prove that this kid is duping them all. Can he work side by side with the enticing Jasmine without ending up skin to skin and losing his skeptical heart?

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