Beautifully Brutal Romance

Tallulah Nights

After burying two husbands, a man is not on the horizon in Kate LeBlanc’s vision for the second half of her life. Especially not the intriguing young hottie with shadows in his eyes that charmingly crashes her trip down memory lane in the Tallulah Cove sand. 

Recovering from an injury that could threaten his major league shortstop career, a woman comes forward claiming Sebastian Macina is the father of her unborn baby thrusting his already uncertain career into the spotlight and bringing his character into question. In turmoil, he seeks refuge in Tallulah Cove to heal and to clear his name. 

Despite her resolve to give up men and his desire to lay low, their love of verbal sparring and growing attraction propel them toward one another, consequences be damned.


What readers are saying…

“The dialog, love scenes and story line in this story are so amusing and heartfelt that you will want to read this book all over again (I did). A great second story in Tallulah Cove.”

“It’s a story about letting go of the past, and taking a chance in the future. About overcoming insecurities and gossip. And above all , it’s a story about finding hope, “home” , and “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life.
Another well written story by this talented author.”


He turned off the engine, climbed out, leaned against the car, and studied her. Her hair had pulled from the loose bun, the waves falling around her face in a windblown mass just calling to his hands.

Her skirt still rode up around her hips; the smile on her heart-shaped face banished every bit of worry in him about his career, the future, and who he’d be if he didn’t have his first love…baseball.

“I wish you could see yourself right now. You’d never have another doubt. Not a one.” He held her stare and willed her to believe him. He’d do anything to banish every single hang-up she’d ever had.

“It’s the dress,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s the person wearing it,” he said.

She slid the straps of her shoes over her heels, pulling them off and dangling them from her red-nailed fingers. “Help me out?” She reached out her hand to him.

He wrapped her hand in his and tugged her to him. With her standing over him in the moonlight, her hands slid into his hair. She locked her fingers around the strands and tugged his head back, making him groan as he looked up at her.

“Marry me,” he said. The words popped out of his mouth, completely unexpected. They should have horrified him, but instead he smiled up at her as they settled into place inside him.

“Silly, silly boy,” she said, bobbing her head with the words. “Take me to bed.”

“Marry me.”

Her fingers stilled, and she narrowed her eyes. “You’re serious.”

“Yup.” Now that he’d tasted the words on his tongue, and had a taste of her, he’d never been more serious about anything in his entire life.

“No.” She punctuated the words with a hard shake of her head.

“Why not?”

“We don’t know each other.”

“Sure we do. You have a sister you’d go to the ends of the earth for. You have a nephew who stole your heart the minute he was born and a niece you’d castrate predators for if need be. You have meddlesome parents who torture you twice a month at brunch now that your sister is happily settled.”

“That’s surface stuff. All casual conversation details.”

“You love forever,” he said quietly. “Your husbands have passed, but you still worry about them; you think about them; you miss them. You were genuine friends, with a mutual respect that made you happy to support them in their careers while you sidelined your dreams. You miss that friendship.”

She shrugged. “Okay, so you know some.”

“You cover your insecurity with humor and snark. You don’t know what it is about you that makes people want to be around you, and that makes you crazy.”

She loosened her hold on his hair, and her smile slipped. “Okay, that’s enough.”

“Is that a yes?” Why couldn’t he let this go? The idea took hold, and he just couldn’t shake it.

“God, no.”

“I think a part of you wants to.”

“I think you’re about to lose your show and tell if you don’t get me up to that bed of yours. All this talk of marriage and insecurity and my girl parts are packing their bags and ready to head for the hills.”

© Casey Hagen, USA Today Bestselling Author