Not your mother’s romance

Shielding Nebraska

Slyder Ward wanted to fill his two-week leave from the Navy SEALs with sun, sand, cold drinks, and a hot woman. Before he has the chance to do more than crack open his first beer, his recently retired, long-time SEAL brother solicits his help with a famous client who needs protection from an elusive stalker. 

Nebraska NightRaven is still paying for her part at Standing Rock during the Keystone Pipeline protests the previous year. Growing up in a neighboring reservation before making a career in Hollywood, the events at Standing Rock demanded she use her fame to draw at-tention to the danger and abuse there. It also left her with a career teetering on the edge of oblivion as she tried to manage the ever-increasing threats and honor her con-tracts. Now, with the Keystone Pipeline oil spill in South Dakota hitting the news, the threats have increased in an effort to keep her silent. 

Sparks fly and motives clash from the first minute Slyder and Nebraska get within arm’s length of each other. As near as Slyder can tell the hellcat needs a leash and tube of super glue to keep those sexy lips shut. Nebraska is no surgeon, but she’d love to start by removing that stick up Slyder’s mouthwatering, rock-hard ass.

Can Slyder save Nebraska from a skillfully evasive threat, and from herself?


What readers are saying…

“5 HOT SLYDER STARS!! This story was AMAZING and a FANTASTIC addition to this Kindle WorldThe story is a quick novella, but reads like a full novel there is nothing missing. Slyder is so hot and a take charge kind of guy, the perfect hero. Nebraska is a beautiful actress that need protection and she is a handful. These two together will steam your kindle’s up. Casey has written the perfect book with just the right amount ingredients to get a 5 star review.”     – Rhonda

“This was an exciting story from beginning to end Nebraska was a h*llcat that needed a leash and a tube of superglue to keep her sexy as sin lips shut she was a feisty one but no match for Slyder. This is a must read you will thoroughly enjoy I can’t wait to read Dylan story this is my first book by this author the series is great Special Forces Operation Alpha is a go I definitely recommend to read.”     -Diane


“Really, New Guy…your parents named you Slyder?” She never even bothered giving him a glance. She just kept scanning her magazine, casual as can be, but he wouldn’t let that deceive him. He had her number; she was just waiting for him to slip up and say something that she could poke fun at him about.

He wasn’t about to give it to her. If she wanted to act like a shit, she was going to have to work for her material.

“Yes, Nebraska,” he replied enunciating her name. Seriously, she was named after a state. Not a common state name or the actual state she was from.

“So, why Slyder? I mean, wasn’t he a secondary character in Top Gun?” She bent her magazine toward her chest and squinted off in the distance, as if trying to concentrate. “I can’t remember what he looked like,” she said, shrugging, “because, as I said, secondary.” She swung her legs down to the floor and tossed her magazine onto the marble table.

He leaned against the wall, slid his hands into his pockets, and crossed his legs. If she was going to give him a hard time, he might as well settle in for it. “Pushing my buttons won’t work, so you might as well not waste your energy.”

“I guess if they had high hopes for you they might have named you Maverick, like the lead. Even Goose ranked higher than Slyder.”

He snorted. “Charming.”

“I’m not trying to be,” she said with a flip of her hair.

“Believe me, that’s abundantly clear. So let’s get down to business. The rules…”

She shot up to her feet and gave him a laugh devoid of humor. “Oh, you’re funny. You think you can give me rules. Look, New Guy, I work, I pay my own bills, I don’t follow other people’s rules. I’m a grown woman, for God’s sake.”

He pushed away from the wall and curled his fingers over the back of the couch as he leaned toward her. At least the furniture was there to keep distance between them, keeping him from wrapping his fingers around her pretty throat. “Really? Then don’t you think it’s about time you started acting like it?”

She dropped a hand to her cocked hip and pointed a finger at him, fire flaring in her eyes. “Look, you—”

“I’m not trained to run daycares, so you’re going to have to grow up,” he said. He shouldn’t push her buttons, but there was something about the way her body flared to life that amused him. Especially when she squared up as though she was six three and two twenty, ready to take him on.

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