Not your mother’s romance

Safe House

Brynn Stewart searched for six years to find the story to propel her from local-news field reporter to primetime TV anchor. Only she didn’t expect it to come in the form of an eleven-year-old informant hiding in a seedy alley, who witnessed the murder of Congressman Shepherd’s hot-shot, defense attorney son, Cullen, in what is believed to be a drug deal gone bad. Integrity demands she protect him first before taking advantage of the story of the century. But when she calls the police, within minutes, suspicious, menacing men show up at her door forcing her to run, and leaving her wondering if there is anyone she can trust. 

Maddox “The Reaper” Fulton, after spending fifteen years as a Recon Marine, keeps a foot in his marine roots by serving as a member of the Aegis Network. He specializes in protecting those in danger by keeping them secluded and safe in his cabin in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Nicknamed “The Reaper” he’s known for his lethal, covert skills in combat, infiltration, and sniper training.

Maddox prides himself on his professionalism, but once in close proximity with the stunning, sharp, and fiercely protective, Brynn Stewart, feelings he long-since thought himself incapable of spark to life. Maddox is willing to compromise just about all of his principles and break every single rule to explore the passion simmering below the surface just waiting to break free.


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