Casey Hagen, Author

Not you mother’s romance

Out of the Fire


Bellamy Stone and Shane McGovern shared a storybook, high-school-long romance that made them the envy of St. Helena. That is, until Shane gave up his first love for the college of his dreams and left Bellamy, and St. Helena, for the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, without looking back.

Twelve years later, Bellamy Stone has built a fulfilling life in St. Helena, without Shane and his promises of forever. She owns her own home and business, has friends, and contributes to her community. So what if her dates lack a certain spark. A girl can’t have it all, right?

When tragedy strikes, Shane is called away from a stalled, career-boosting project to return home to stand in for his father in the family contracting business. Only, the next project up is Bellamy’s, thrusting Bellamy and Shane into close proximity, where old sparks flare to life.

Shane never intended to see Bellamy again. He’d managed to avoid her for twelve years, through a marriage, the birth of a son, and the death of them both. But his father’s heart attack and the responsibilities heaped on his shoulders force him to face the woman he left behind, and the dormant feelings for her that flare back to life.

Can Shane forgive himself for the way he ended things with Bellamy, and the death of his wife and son, and dare to hope for a second chance at a happily-ever-after he doesn’t believe he deserves?