Beautifully Brutal Romance

Fun Facts About Casey

1. I was such a volatile little thing, even before I was born, and as such, I used to kick so hard that I black and blued my mother from the inside out.

2. My absolute favorite toy and character as a child was Strawberry Shortcake. When I’m lucky enough to find something that smells almost like the original smell, I sniff away no matter who thinks I’m nuts to do so.

3. I used to dress my kitten up in doll clothes and push him around in my Strawberry Shortcake stroller. He love my weird ass anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

4. When we were at my great-grandparent’s farm in Peacham, we decided to go sliding. I was headed right for a parked conversion van. Everyone told me to jump, but I was too afraid so I laid flat and slid right under the van. I had a few scrapes, but survived. My mom, and the rest of my family, saw me out the window and just about had a heart attack watching the scene unfold.

5. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I loved spending that time with my grandparents especially. I loved staring at the lights of the tree as they cast color on the four and five foot long icicles that hung in front of their picture window. Of course, then I didn’t realize icicles like that on the side of the house was a bad sign.

6. I live for cinnamon brooms every fall. That’s how I know the holidays are coming. My husband hates them. He complained one too many times. so what did I do? Starting buying two instead of one.

7. My brother locked me out of the house when we were young and I put my fist through one of the window panels and let myself back in. Only now do I realize how stupid that was, but hey, I was six.

8. I lived in a town so small that for five years I attended one room school houses, each school with two grades. No, really. I did! I knew first-hand how Laura Ingalls felt. Well, minus the no running water, using a slate, and that awful Willie and Nellie. This is an old postcard of the very schools I went to!

9. My first crushes were Huey Lewis and Greg Ham from Men at Work. Greg Ham is the same age as my parents. Huey Lewis is three years older than the folks. I knowโ€ฆgross.

10. My next big crush was New Kids on the Block in the following orderโ€ฆJoe, Jordan, Donnie, and John and Danny were both dead last. They just didn’t rate!

11. And after NKOTBโ€ฆChris O’Donnell during the “Batman Forever” years!

12. And while I’m on the subject of crushesโ€ฆfor some reason unbeknownst to me, I have a thing for Meatloaf. Yes, the singer Meatloaf. Although, I would never pass up a slab of mouth water actual meatloaf. Plus, I have a thing for Tim Curryโ€ฆfrom Rocky Horror Picture Show. He walks that sassy walk and stomps those platforms and I just go all gooey in side. I Guess I have a bit of the thing for guys in drag. Most recently, thanks to the damn bluegrass ads on Facebook, we can add Steve Martin to the list.

13. Nightmare on Elm Street terrified me for years! I couldn’t sleep without burying my head under my comforter, virtually suffocating myself. Sometimes I used a straw to breath out of the tiny gap. Desperate times and all that.

14. I love the Porky’s movies. I saw them when I was nine. That might not have been the best parenting decision. However, my mother is adamant that it happened on my dad’s watch!

15. I grew up riding horses, raising animals, killing chickens, and working gardens. I’m a country girl at heart and Vermont strong because of it!

16. I grew up fifteen minutes from Cabot Creameryโ€ฆyes folks, the cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream kings! When I was eighteen, I even worked there for a time.

17. I come from a family of maple syrup producers. Before my grandfather died, he was the boiling king! He had me drinking fresh boiled syrup straight from the vat from when I was barely able to walk.

18. I held my first babysitting job at ten. The girls were two and newborn. Now that I think about it, I’m shocked they allowed me to do it and I’m proud of myself for doing it so well. Those babies had cloth diapersโ€ฆno easy feat for a ten-year-old!

19. I believed in Santa until I was fourteen-years-old. My family put together a whole ruse where my uncle dressed up as Santa and came into the house in the middle of the night. My mom woke me up and showed me that everyone else was still sleeping and then had me go down a few stairs to peek at Santa. It wasn’t until I was fourteen and saw the pictures of my uncle dressed up that they finally told me what really happened. Although I believed, thank God I had long stopped telling people I believed.

20. I’ve sewn through my finger with a sewing machine. Enough said!

21. I never read any required reading assignment for English until senior year. Gasp! Of course I chose the formerly banned “Lolita” for my foray into my love affair with reading and all things English. When I finally started reading, you couldn’t stop me! Now I hold a BA in English Literatureโ€ฆgo figure.

22. My first road trip was just after I turned sixteen. My mother bought me a 1972 Plymouth Cricket. I loved that car. I drove to Maine with my two friends, Bridget and Gwen, to stay at Gwen’s family cottage for a weekโ€ฆwith no parents! Was my mom insane? After foster kids and us kids, probably. Were we good? Other than the night we skinny dipped and swam across the lake naked to discover a group of teenage boys hanging out on a dock, yeah. Get your minds at of the gutterโ€ฆthe minute we realized, we booked it back to our dock. 

23. On said trip, the cottage was in the town where the Mel Gibson movie “Man Without a Face” was filmed. Very cool to visit all the movie sites and see pictures of the locals with Mel.

24. My first concert was Stevie Nicks in 1994 on her Street Angel tour. My parents had split at this point so the fact that my mom managed to afford to take me was a miracle, that to this day, I’m eternally grateful for. I returned the favor many years later and took her to see Stevie in Tampa. My husband snagged 18th row tickets. We had a blast. We went to dinner and I learned things about my mom that I never knew. She’s kind of my hero!

25. My girls, well the ones I gave birth to, were born exactly on their due dates and were almost identical sizes. 7lbs. 13.5oz., 19 and 5/7 inches long vs. 7lbs. 12.25oz., 20 inches long.

26. The first romance I ever read was Debbie Macomber’s “This Matter of Marriage” and immediately fell in love with the genre.

27. I’m quirky in the way that if I read a seriesโ€ฆI have to buy all the books in the series in the form that I originally bought the first book. Bella Andre and those hunky Sullivans and Robyn Carr and her lovable Virgin River are killing me. I need my own personal library. My husband would do it too, as long as I handed out library cards and collected fines for late books.

28. I’ve done several unique jobs. I interned with the State’s Attorney’s office. I mentioned Cabot Creamery. I was a florist for a time. I sold Electrolux vacuums back when they were awesome. I was a preschool teacher for twelve to eighteen-month-olds, and then eventually two-year-olds. Have you ever had to potty train eleven two-year-olds at one time?  I have. It’s not pretty! And finally, I own and operate my own house cleaning business until I can afford to commit myself to writing full time.

29. I’m good at baking. Specifically, baking specialty cakes. I can do anything from character cakes to tiered wedding cakes. My kids enjoyed many years of my baking huge sports cakes for the end of the season celebrations.

30. I used to make homemade candy every year at Christmas. We have family candy recipes that the women in our family make every year. I make chocolate covered cherries, coconut pecan balls, peanut butter balls, peppermint patties, and a wide variety of dipped pretzels. My mom has added chocolate covered craisins to the mix. My favorite is the peppermint pattiesโ€ฆespecially when I shape them into Christmas trees.

31. Our family is old school. Our kids do chores daily, and every weekend. We all clean the house, as a family, every weekend.

32. The one place in the world I want to go is Ireland. I’m dying to go to Ireland!

33. I took up playing golf with my husband. He bought me pretty clubs in my favorite colorโ€ฆpurple! During the season we golf together at least once a week. Occasionally we goof around in the cart and the passenger covers the driver’s eyes while directing he/she where to drive.

34. I have a pen addiction. I only buy certain brands and my criteria for picking one to write with on any given day is what kind of paper I plan to write on. And I notice when one goes missing!

35. I have tons of notebooks. Everywhere! Yet most of my words are typed.

36. I couldn’t be bothered to learn to walk, I learned to run first, and fell plenty. Even after I busted my forehead open and had to have stitches, I still didn’t slow down.

37. This one might make you cringeโ€ฆwhen I was ten, I had a habit of swimming with a t-shirt on. I was swimming at a pond with a friend and when I got out and took off my shirt, I had baby leeches all over me. Over 200 by the time all was said and done. So yeah, I don’t like leeches!

38. I’m sentimental about things. A few days after my grandfather died, I went into a full blown panic. Why? Because I wanted his gum. Every time he took me for rides, we got in his truck and the first order of business: getting a fresh piece of Dentyne for each of us. I still have his half consumed pack of gum to this day…it’s been fifteen years since he passed!

39. I can “sing” Whitney Houston’s, One Moment In Time, just using sign language. A totally useless skill, one I learned while attending one room school houses in Walden, Vermont.

40. I find Tim Curry hot in Rocky Horror Picture Show. When he clicks those platform heels in the elevator as it lowers into the room right before he begins Sweet Transvestite…I go all giggly.

41. I’ve developed a recent love for tote purses. I’ve never cared about brand name before and constantly switched between styles. If you could see the amount of purses and bags stored in my basement, you’d be floored. Now that I seem to have found a size I adore…after almost three decades of trying, I’m ready to get a collection that I can cycle through and discard all the rest! Supple leather, her I come!

42. I went with my mom in May 2019 to see Bob Seger in concert for his farewell tour and was so sucked into his voice and the good time he was having on stage that I was totally crushing on him in his 74-year-old glory, lol.

© Casey Hagen, USA Today Bestselling Author