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Desiree Holt’s Phoenix Agency Kindle World

⊕ Coming 2018 – The Devlin Brothers Series ⊕

Lily Ashmore finally built the life she’s longed for, in the home of her dreams, and under a cloak of anonymity, until one afternoon when her clairvoyant powers rear their head and show her the abduction of a young girl. Desperate to prevent the crime, she pleads with the child’s mother to believe her only to have her efforts thrown in her face. When her vision comes to fruition, Lily becomes a suspect instead of a good Samaritan. Her focus is to clear her name and bring the young girl home.

Mason Devlin, after years of guilt and torment form the abduction of his young sister motivating his cause, has created with his brothers, Alegra, a special division of The Phoenix Agency focused on finding abducted children and returning them home. Hired by the victim’s family to bring a young girl home, his path collides with a local clairvoyant who claims to have seen her abduction. History and disastrous experiences propel him to expose Lily for the fraud she is, despite the primal attraction flaring to life between them, as he fights the clock to find the victim.

Despite a deep-seated distrust, Mason is forced to turn to Lily for help when time begins to run out and details run cold. Can he save his charge without losing his heart in the process?

⊕ Sneak Peek at the Rest of the Series ⊕

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