Beautifully Brutal Romance

Captivating Her Warlock

Cleona Rowan lives a straightforward life working double shifts at Sam’s Diner, feeding strangers passing through, in order to take care of her ailing mother as Parkinson’s steals her a piece at a time. She doesn’t have the luxury of indulging in fantasies, especially when they all center around one tall, muscular, motorcycle-loving man.

And her landlord.

Leander Braden, bike enthusiast, invested all the money he’d earned over the years restoring old Harleys into a quaint mobile home community tucked behind Sam’s Diner. All he wants is to remain comfortable in his anonymity…and maybe a few hot nights with the object of his most recent obsession, Cleona. If only he could resist the urge to fall head over heels in love with her without guaranteeing he would break her heart.

With neither Cleona nor Leander willing to make the first move, circumstance forces them to step into their destinies and seek out pasts they’d long thought buried. Will their reluctance to become who they’re destined to be and their headstrong desire to exert control over their mutual realities cost them precious time in the looming battle against hostile evil?



“Before you go, one more thing,” he said.


If it was all true, his hangups didn’t matter. Her reasons, whatever they were that kept her at arm’s length, they were all moot.

Their road was predestined.


He hooked his hand around her neck and pulled her to him. Her eyes widened, her gaze locked on his. He leaned in, a smile on his lips as her eyelids slid closed and her rough exhale fanned over his seeking mouth.

He captured her lips with his, delving into her mouth, eager to feel the glide of her hot tongue against his. One smooth stroke and he groaned at the taste of his beer still lingering on her.

She shuddered under his hand, as though she might just burst apart, as she wrapped her arms around his waist, her warm hands sliding up under his T-shirt, meeting his fevered skin.

Just seconds before, he wanted nothing more than to strip her bare and taste her, but with her curious, exploratory touch, her skin claiming his, his desire shifted to the way her hands set off a forest fire of need as they roamed over his flesh. He wanted to tear his shirt off and guide her over the landscape of his body.

He wanted to revel in the way she explored his curves and ridges and memorize the way she travelled her smooth fingertips over his flesh.

Even if he never buried himself inside her, he could die a happy man at the touch of her hands as they danced over him. 

He wrapped his hand around her hair and dragged his fist to the center of her back, the force pulling her mouth from his.

His mind flashed, and he squeezed his eyes shut with the force of it. The sliver of light slashing through the night illuminated a field of moss under a blanket of stars.

He shook with the vision, his lips going to Cleona’s neck, sucking the soft flesh there into his mouth, unable to stop tasting her.

A scream pierced his brain, and his fingers fisted, yanking her hair tighter as he scraped against the edge of her jaw with his teeth.

The assault on his brain, the visions, they only fueled his need to steal tastes of her salty skin.

A river of blood seeping into the damp earth cut through him, and he let her go, stumbling back from her where he caught the wall to stabilize himself.

“What the hell just happened?” Cleona asked, her chest heaving as she gasped for air.

“Kiss,” he grunted out, trying to get air of his own.

“I got that part. But what happened to you?” she asked, her slim hands going to the red marks he left on her delicate skin.

He sucked in harsh breaths, his lungs heaving with the force as if he just sprinted a mile. “I don’t know. It’s like another time, another place tried to suck me back.”

© Casey Hagen, USA Today Bestselling Author