Not your mother’s romance

Bare Souls

Years of abuse left heartbreaking scars.

He wanted to save her.

She needed to save herself.

Maggie Larsen, small town girl returns home to find the woman she used to be before a whirlwind marriage to a charismatic, powerful monster sucked her into a life of domestic violence and gut-wrenching shame. Finally free from her abuser, and left with a crippling agoraphobia, she’s determined to get her life back, one agonizing step at a time and on her own terms.

Jonathan Maddox’s mission as a local psychologist is to help those in need overcome traumas of the past and move toward fulfilling futures. With scars of his own buried deep and too painful to confront, he finds peace knowing that he can help others even if he’s helpless to help himself. Until he meets the one woman he thinks he can help the most just to find she’s determined to heal and move forward on her own.

Can Jonathan accept Maggie’s need to heal herself when everything he is demands he step up and help her toward peace? Can Maggie’s frozen heart ever learn to trust a man again after the husband who was supposed to love and cherish her left her broken and terrified of the world around her?

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What readers are saying…

“Oh my goodness, bring tissues because this book will grab your attention and heart. While it might crack your heart a little with their pasts, this book will heal your heart and surround you with love! I loved this book! Maggie and Jonathan are two peas in the same pod, dealing with emotional and physical abuse from those they trusted and who should have loved them. Maggie is amazing, with her core of steel, never allowing herself to be broken, and finally wanting to break free of her bonds. Jonathan thinks that helping others will help himself, but I love that he has his own issues to deal with before he can fully accept Maggie’s love! I love that fate kept throwing them together and I loved Maggie’s bold proposition for Jonathan! This book was absolutely fabulous, I stayed up late to finish reading it, and this is a book I’ll be rereading!”    -Jessica N.

“An emotional wringer that should have been a novel considering the issue that is covered. Despite that, this was an excellent read. Very intense story that drags you into the emotional turmoil the characters had to endure. The story focuses more on Maggie’s struggle to overcome the affects the abuse had on her emotionally. It highlights her journey of courage and acceptance to ultimate victory. Ms Hagen did a brilliant job of dealing with a subject that is rife in society.”    -Vanessa


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