Not your mother’s romance

Operation: Girl Next Door

Trevor Myers knows how to make it big in the business world: a charming smile, connections, and balls-to-the-wall fearlessness. The master of all three, a partnership with his firm is all but in the bag. That is, until his boss dangles it over him and his coworker like a prize on a game show. Trevor will do whatever it takes to lock in what is rightfully his, even if that means calling in a doozy of a favor from his best friend that crosses bro code lines. 

Piper Bradley is on the precipice of making a career-altering decision. Agonizing over impending change and letting go, Piper decides a weekend trip to clear her head is just what she needs to be sure of her decision. Before she can so much as dig out sandals and sunscreen for some much-needed fun in the sun, her brother calls in a favor from his best friend…Trevor Myers. 

Assumptions. Surprises. A battle of wills. 

…and so begins the battle between Trevor’s playboy ways and the elemental pull of the girl next door.

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What readers are saying…

“A sweet friends to lovers and a blast from the past story rolled into one. A fast paced story about an independent take no nonsense woman, and a guy who gets a reality check that life in the fast lane isn’t all its cracked up to be. A feel good story from the beginning to the end.”    -DBCooke

“I read this book when it was under Kindle Worlds and I’m so glad it’s back. From the first page I was hooked with sharp witty dialogue and the promise of a juicy plot. Trevor comes off brash (but thats who he is- career minded and win at all costs) but Piper knocks him sideways. I read this book in one sitting (at my kitchen table with my tablet on a stand) I couldn’t move! The story is packed with emotion and really takes you for a good ride. I highly recommend.”

“Great fast read while working out on bike! Story line moved along with no dead space. Characters realistic in today’s self-absorbed entitled world …then they grow up. Nice! Hallmark movie script worthy.”


He offered her a hand. “My name is Trevor.”

She smirked. “Yes, I know.”

That voice.

A hot rush shot through him.

It couldn’t be. He lifted his shades and his mouth fell open. “Piper?”

She cocked a hand on her hip and smirked. “Yes.”

“Piper Bradley?”

She slid her shades to the top of her head revealing those golden eyes that squinted against the sun. “The one and only. You need to see my license or something?”

“Where the hell are your leggings, those sneakers, that damn pencil in your hair?”

She snorted.


“You expected the same clothes I wore in high school?”

Pushing his suit jacket back, he locked both hands on his hips, and gawked. “I expected you to be wearing something in the same zip code as the clothes you wore, yes.”

She shrugged. “I grew up.”

Yeah, she did. And blew his whole plan right out of the water. She flared his dick to life too, leaving him volleying between con-fusion and guilt.

He’d just eye-fucked his best friend’s little sister. That had to be against some sort of bro-code or something.

“This won’t work. You can’t go looking like, like…”

She narrowed her eyes, a funny little V forming between her eyebrows. “Like what?”

“Like that,” he said with a sweep of his hand in her direction.

She narrowed her eyes and her lips twitched. “And what is ‘that’ exactly?”

He rubbed his forehead and flinched. “Like sex on a damn stick.”

“Awe, that’s sweet,” she said, straightening and dropping a slim hand to her hip.

“It’s not sweet. How the hell do I sell you as my fiancé when you look like a damn call girl?”

Her smile slipped, as did her flirty posture. “Wow, Trevor. I’m kind of surprised you let those words just fall out of your mouth.”

“Shit, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“The fuck you didn’t,” she said, jutting her chin in the air.

“You swear now, too?”

“Not usually, no, but it’s either swear or knee you in the sperm box.”

He shook his head and snapped his fingers. “I can fix this. There has to be a Walmart on the way to the cabin. We’ll get you a whole new wardrobe for the trip.”

She flipped an errant lock of hair over her shoulder. “Pssshhhhh, like hell we will.”

“High neck clothing. Loose,” he muttered making a mental list.

“I’m not a doll.”

“This isn’t the image I gave my boss. This—” he gestured at her from head to toe, “This is exactly what they expect me to be nail—um, dating.”

“Gee, your assessment of me is so flattering. Despite what you may think, I’m not a cheap whore.”

“Dammit, I didn’t mean that. Look—”

“Do you want my help or not? Because from where I’m standing, insinuating that I look like a whore isn’t a good way to start,” she said.

He blew out a breath and dropped his chin to his chest. Raising his head, he stared her right in the eye. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to do that. I just need to figure out how to get this all back to a place where this plan has a shot.”

She crossed her arms. “Yeah, well, it doesn’t have a shot with Walmart.”

“Okay, Target.”

“That’s not much better.”

He threw his arms up. “Fine, you have any suggestions?”

“Saks,” she said with widened-eyes and a smile.

“Nope. I need the girl next door here. The girl you used to be. Or, at least an updated version of her.”

“Fine. But at least make it American Eagle or Old Navy. I can work with either of those.”

“Deal,” he said.

“I guess I should take my suitcase back up and go through it.”

He grabbed the handle of her suitcase. “No time, I’ll buy an-other.”

Popping the trunk of his Jaguar, he tossed the suitcase in, and then opened the passenger door for her. She folded herself into the vehicle, her dress lifting even higher with the movement.

He gulped.

He needed to get those covered. ASAP.

© Casey Hagen, USA Today Bestselling Author