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In the book world, there are tons of projects popping up daily. Some are designed to hit lists. Others for reaching new readers. Most writers are grasping at joining whatever projects they can afford to in order to find their way to the top of a mountain of talented, and sometimes not so talented writers vying for readers.

Then there are projects like these.

Projects that give you power to create change in a world where we often feel powerless. No matter your politics, we’re all human. We’re daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. Whether you come from a healthy, supportive family or a family suffering from crippling dysfunction, you recognize the importance of those bonds because you either cherish the ones you have or you long for the ones you wish you had.

The integrity of a family is of the upmost importance to me. No matter whether here illegally or not, no matter if we intend to turn them away or not, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. We are all humans first. And how we treat others, especially children, has the power to shape them forever.

It’s a mighty responsibility. And right now, our government is mucking it up.

For me, this isn’t just about immigration. This is about humanity first.

And this is why I joined this particular project despite the fact that my schedule is maxed out with commitments for the next two years.

So I implore all of you, no matter what side you sit on, remember the lives that hang in the balance. Let’s help reunite these traumatized children with their equally traumatized parents. Let’s right the latest wrong in our most recent history.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Try to remember that these are people so terrified of the dangers of their world that they’re willing to risk anything to save their children. I’ve never had to flee my country, but I have been desperate and terrified for my child. I have been willing to do anything, sacrifice anything, to keep my child breathing.

One click these fifty stories in multi-genres and bring them all one step closer to holding their child in their arms. 100% of the proceeds go to Innovation Law Labs and Kids in Need of Defense. Bring these scared, lonely, crying children the relief of their parent’s love, no matter what side of the border they get to do it on…please. 



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