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Magic Mike XXL – A Family Affair?

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So as most of you know, my daughter and I drove to NC to move her into her own place for college. This move was the subject of my “Letting Go” blog post a few days ago. The day we arrived, after being in the car for ten hours, my mother, the cool woman she is, suggested we all go see Magic Mike XXL.


Yes please!

So, we loaded up again, my mom, my daughter, and my cousin and we headed for the opening day of Magic Mike XXL.

First of all…way better than the first one! Funny as hell! We loved it! It was the perfect end to an exhausting day. I even found enough energy to dance in my seat, squeal, and holler out cheers and encouragement to the men in the movie as though they were dancing right before my eyes!6b3b8ed745676abcce6b7373f33313f4Two days later, once my other daughter and husband arrived in town, we went again.


That’s right…AGAIN!!!

My youngest was hilarious to watch. She laughed the whole time and left grinning ear to ear. When I mentioned it outside, she said, “Well, yeah, it was an awkward smile because I watched it sitting right next to my grandmother!”

So I said jokingly, “Bitch, please! I sat through it with my daughters, mother, and my husband. I got your ass beat!”

She had to admit, I had a point.

Now about the characters…

The men of Magic Mike XXL…

Matt Bomer – He’s forever changed 80’s cheesy rock ballads, smooth jazz, and suspenders for me!


Joe Manganiello – I’ll never see bottled water, Cheetos or glass slippers the same way again!


Adam Rodriguez – Bring that shit to my Candy Shop, please!


Kevin Nash – Ummm, yeah, well, not my taste, but the dude knows how to make a prank phone call!


Channing Tatum – Hell, yeah!! I bow to the King and his badass dance moves!


I must also give a special shout out to Michael Strahan and those little gold shorts! The image is seared in my brain forever 😀


And the ladies…

Amber Heard – Cool, cool chick. I dig the shit out of her hair!


Andie MacDowell – She is totally rocking her age of 57!


Jada Pinkett Smith – I have a girl crush. I need a freaking white suit and a cool fedora. I need the swag, the attitude, and the cool way she moves. She killed it!!!


So what the hell are you all waiting for? Get your butt out there and see this movie!!!


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