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The Multi-faceted Mother!

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Keep juggling!

Keep juggling!

When I dressed this morning and I reached for my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old” shirt, it struck me how many people I really am.

The mother – First, last, always, I’m a mother. I love my kids. They’re hands down the best thing I’ve ever done.

The protector – So help the people who mess with my kids. I like to think I’m fair. If my kids screw up, that’s on them, but when someone does them wrong…I don’t forget. Ever.

The domestic – Someone has to keep this house running! Luckily I have a hands-on husband that takes on many of these tasks for me so I can pursue my writing career. Even with his help, not a day goes by that my day isn’t a choreographed dance from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. With three kids, two cats, and a husband…my plan when I go to bed at night changes by morning.

The wife – I was fortunate enough to marry the right man…the second time around. If you add our mental ages we might be old enough to drink. We laugh a lot. We have our own language. We make people shake their heads. We have many differences. I’m an avid reader…he hates reading. He’s computer savvy…I shouldn’t be allowed to do anything beyond the basics. No matter our differences, we find hobbies we enjoy together. We play golf, like to ski, love the drive-in near our home.

The rocker – I like my music loud. If my rear view isn’t vibrating, my music is not loud enough. Period. Most importantly, I didn’t remain stuck in my decade. You know what I mean…so many people haven’t moved much beyond the music they listened to as teens. I’ve kept up. I listen to everything, every genre, and enjoy it all.

The punk rocker – I still love edgy music! I love new edgy music. Despite my responsibilities there’s still that part of me that wants to break out and do crazy shit! I hold back…no need to traumatize my poor children.

The writer – Characters talk in my head all the time. When I’m lucky, I get to put their words to paper. Then I delete. Revise. Think I’m brilliant. Take a break. Review what I wrote. Delete again as I’m now convinced I’m a hack. I promise myself I won’t reread until it’s time to edit. I break my promise.  I doubt every decisions based on rules others have insisted are gospel in the writing world. Then I say “Screw it! This is my book and it’s going to be my way.” Turn over that book over to three beta readers/critique partners. Bit my nails convinced I’m faking my way through this whole writing gig. Repeat cycle.

The dreamer – I’m still genuinely surprised when I play the Powerball and my numbers don’t come up. I know…it defies logic, but that’s me. I’m happy to write and publish for me, but there’s still that part that would love for this career to blow up to the point that I can have that dream of living with a golf course on one side and a lake on the other. Better yet, if I get to drive my boat across the lake to the golf course…that would be the bomb! I saw it in a commercial on the golf channel once…I know it can happen!

And finally, no matter how grown up I am, I’m always the daughter! My kids always drive me crazy when they need me to carry something of theirs in my pocketbook. If I didn’t have kids and husband I could run around with a cute purse too instead of this tote bag sized bundle of chaos that’s created a permanent groove in my shoulder. I remember my husband asking me once why I carry around so much stuff. My response, “So you can have the pleasure of carrying your wallet.” Recently, my mother and I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert and thinking I could save myself the trouble of keeping track of my pocketbook, I stashed cash and my ID in my pockets. Then I bought three…count them three t-shirts. Where did they end up? Rolled up in my mother’s pocketbook. *sigh*


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