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Not So Patiently Waiting!

OHI0127-CritiqueExcusesFor the love of all that is holy can April just hurry up already!!! Okay, I need to dial it down a notch, but at the beginning of the month I turned over my 130K baby to three critique partners and…crickets! I’ve heard nothing. Other than I’ll have my critiques by the end of the month.

In all fairness, I never asked them to share comments along the way, but the waiting is driving me insane. I check my email at least twenty times a day. I try to focus on my current book and stop every hundred words to ponder their reactions. Basically, I’m driving myself bat shit crazy!

Any other month I blink and days go by. Before I realize it we’ve begun a new month. Hell, sometimes a new season. But not this month! Not when I’m holding my collective breath to see how this story is received.

Sure, most people don’t like criticism. They don’t like when something they’ve worked so hard on is torn apart, scrutinized from every angle, and laid bare. I’m not that person! Sure, I’m a little self-conscious about my work, as most writers are, but more than anything I’m eager to find out all the problems so I can tear into them one at a time and make my book shine!

With that being said…hurry up ladies! Well, be careful…but yeah, hurry up!


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