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Student Drivers

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student-driverThe time has come where I once again have to teach another one of my children how to drive. For those of you who are going or have gone through this, I’m sorry. I feel your pain.

I have three girls, each with very different personalities. My oldest is prone to panic. Each trip began with sheer terror…on both of our parts. Her biggest hurdle was having confidence in herself, her ability learn, and her ability to drive independently.  She’s the one who would feel defeated and throw her hands in the air and screech, “I can’t do this!” while still rolling.  She eventually passed her driving test at which time we gave her an older used car and I breathed a sigh of relief that I would never have to get in a car with her again!

This brings us to my middle daughter. The one who thinks she knows everything. I can’t tell her anything, even the first time without her throwing out that aggravated, “I know mom!” She’s the child that concerned me the most. She’s not a details girl and as all of us with any experience behind the wheel know…you have to pay attention to the details! She brakes for everything. Not just the ordinary such as deer, squirrels, and such, but also for birds, leaves, random pieces of garbage that blow across the road. She now has her license and our biggest problem with her is how loud she listens to her music, thus not hearing the important stuff going on around her. She now has a nice used car and…I have no plans to ever ride with her again!

Now comes my youngest and she has a whole new bag of tricks I’ve never dealt with. To keep herself calm, she recites song lyrics. She doesn’t sing them; she speaks them…like she’s reading a slam poem. If you don’t know what that is, watch 22 Jump Street and watch Jonah Hill recite a slam poem about Cynthia. As she’s gotten comfortable it’s apparent she’ll be the family lead foot. I had surgery and haven’t been able to take her driving so my husband took over. Turns out he decided to let her drive through the mountains and end up at Price Chopper. She likes to come into her corners hot. Apparently in her world, you don’t need the break to corner. I wish I could pretend to still be healing so my husband could handle teaching her, but I don’t think he’ll buy it. So until July, I’ll be white knuckling it and cringing every time I take her driving. When she gets her license…I again will breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to ride with her ever again!

The Hagen driving school will officially be closed! I hope they all of have kids of their own, but not any time soon (I feel like that’s the equivalent of knocking on wood), so they know just what I go through every time. Grandma won’t be teaching the grandkids either. She’ll be on the sidelines pointing and laughing!


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