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Autumn Is Here and She is Gorgeous!

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by Casey Hagen   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather and bright colors. The smells, pumpkin everything and cinnamon brooms in the grocery store which I absolutely can’t resist. My husband complained when I bought one last year so of course, this year, I bought two *insert cheeky grin here*!

Most important, the kids are back in school! Am I right moms and dads?

This is the time where I get to take a breath, take in everything around me, and get settled. The golf season is winding down and while sad; it allows me to blame my scores on all the leaves littering the course. Football is in full gear which means my husband is alternating between yelling, “Bullshit!” and muttering “Sometimes it’s just so hard to be a Jets fan.”

My girls are learning which teachers they’re going to love all year and which they’ll be wishing into the deepest pit of hell. As of today, most of their teachers have been assigned to one or the other!

And as for me, professional me, I’m getting organized. I’m making more time to write. This fall is unique for me because as nature completes her cycle, I will complete my first draft of my first manuscript. The beginning of 2015 will bring editing, revising, and submitting book #1 to publishers, while beginning book #2. On top of that, as if it wasn’t enough, I’ll continue blogging, begin guest blogging, forming relationships via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and last, but no least, building my website. Who am I kidding? I actually know next to nothing about websites, but luckily, my rather brilliant husband does!

Personal me, the mom, she’s taking a minute. She’s recognizing the kids are growing up. She’s still pretending her oldest daughter didn’t turn twenty-one over the summer. She’s trying not to panic because her middle daughter is now a senior and in less than a year, she’ll be leaving home. She’s watching her youngest like a hawk hoping time will slow down just a little because in just a few months she’ll have her permit and next summer, her license. And just as we get our middle girl settled in college, we will begin college tours with our youngest. As most moms know, these are all exciting milestones resulting in a series of small cracks in a mom’s heart.

A funny thing happens as kids get older…time moves so much faster. Life becomes so full, it’s like sitting in a sling shot and being launched through life, reaching out and grasping at this and that as notable moments fly past. I’m doing anything to slow things down and just savor those moments.

Personal me, the wife, she’s taking every opportunity to enjoy being with her husband. Now that the kids are older, we date, frequently. We’re planning for the rest of our lives and we’re very lucky that unlike many people who veer apart, we’ve grown together.

I have a narrow window before the chaos of Christmas which starts just after Halloween; time in which I’ll be back to running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Don’t laugh at the analogy! Chickens do, in fact, run in circles after their heads are cut off! Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience, but that’s a story for another time.

So today, I took a minute from the organizing and enjoyed the opening show for nature’s performance by heading to the lake just down the road. I love the first weeks of foliage where a spattering of random trees burst into full red color among the still green trees surrounding them. The fact that I’m now inspired to write a lake scene with my hero, heroine, and a gorgeous handmade rowboat, well that’s just bonus!


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