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Writer FriendsOn June 7th, 2014 I made my very first and probably the most important writing friend I will ever make. That day, I finally made the commitment to improve my writing, to finish my manuscript, and let the chips fall where they may. A member of Savvy Authors for more than a year and I never once perused the website.

Finally, after a year of deleting their daily emails without reading a one, I took a minute to look into the classes they offered. I bit the bullet and signed up for Let’s Write with Becky Martinez.

Participation was lacking when compared to the amount of people who paid for the course, but as with most things, quantity does not mean quality. It only took one. That was Cynthia. We offered a few comments about each other’s snippets of writing we posted for homework and on June 7th, 2014 she reached out to stay in touch outside of the class and a friendship was born.

I don’t know if we’ll achieve the level of success we envision for ourselves. I don’t know if the writing will ever come easier or if we’ll always struggle with our fear and self-consciousness. I do know, I’ve found a friend who understands what I go through trying to juggle the commitment to my marriage and kids, a day job, all while carving out snippets of time, to dedicate to what I feel I must do…write.

So as we have good days where everything comes together just right and a few pages of magic happens and bad days where the day we envisioned turns into another animal entirely within minutes of dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning, we lean on each other, smooth out each other’s edges, and keep moving forward toward the future we long for.


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